Last Field Trips

Tour for Muggles:

We started our day by going on a tour that took you to places in London where the Harry Potter movies were filmed. I grew up watching Harry Potter and love it. I recently had gone to the Harry Potter studio on Friday. On this tour our Tour Guide Ellie was incredible. She was a really good public speaker and knew her stuff. The tour was really cool to see where they filmed at and was cool to hear about how they filmed it at that location and why they chose that location. 10/10 recommend going on this tour if you like Harry Potter. Like I said before I love Harry Potter but I’m not into all the stuff that some people are (like knowing their house and all of that) but it was still a really cool tour to be on for a small fan like me. Out of all our feild trips this was my favorite along with St. Paul. It was cool to hear about how Harry Potter was able to be filmed in a church when they don’t let you take photos or videos. It’ll be cool to go back and watch the movies and say that I’ve been there where they filmed it.


At night we went to see Dreamgirls this was cool because it was my first legit musical I’ve seen on a stage in a theatre by professional actors. I’ve never seen the movie so it was kinda hard to follow along. But the actors did a great job.


Week 3 Field Trips: Tower of London and Jack the Ripper Walk

Tower of London:

The first thing that we did this week was go to the Tower of London. This was really cool because it is where they hold the Queen’s Jewels. When we first got there we went through and saw where they held the Queen’s Jewels. We were able to see the history behind them and what they are used for. After we saw the jewels we went on a tour with a Warder who told us the history of the Tower. This tour was very good and probably my favorite speaker we have had out of the field trips. Our Warder was a very good public speaker and keep the attention of the audience. He was also funny and had really good jokes.


Jack the Ripper:

The second part of our tour was going on the Jack the Ripper Walk on Tuesday Night. This was also really cool because we were able to go visit the spots where the killings happen and learn about Jack and all the theories behind who it was and why he wad doing all the killings. My tour guide was really good. He knew what he was talking about and was able to get us involved in the tour by asking us questions and what we thought about all he was telling us. It was interesting to actually go to the spots and here about what had happen there over 100 years ago. From this week my favorite field trip because it was interactive and something differnet from the rest of our field trips.

Second Field Trip: The Science Museum and Victoria and Albert Museum

The Science Museum:

This was not my favorite museum to visit, I am not really into science so this was boring to me. My group was assigned to the telephone section of the museum. So we went around and took pictures and notes of the exhibits. I probably wont go back to this museum because it doesn’t have anything that I am interested in. But the cafe that it had there was really good food so that gave this museum points.

The Victoria and Albert Museum:

I came over a week early with my mom to London so we had already visited this museum so I had already seen all the things that I was interested in at the V & A, but we didn’t go on any private tours. The tour that we went on was interesting, the speaker was really passionate about what he was talking about and made our group fell included. He did stutter and say uh/um a lot but over all his presentation of the tour was really good and kept my attention. It was cool to see pieces that were actually used in theatre and to learn the history behind it. The V&A needs to invest in Air Conditioning and Fans because that place is so hot you die going into it. Out of the two places we visited V&A was my favorite, its cool because you get to see all the pieces that were used in houses and my very notable people in the world.

First Week in London Field Trips: Hampton Court, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and National Gallery


Hampton Court 

On Sunday we went to Hampton Court as the entire program, which was the home of King Henry VIII. This was a really cool place to visit and to learn about. First walking up to the palace it is so beautiful and incredible to think that a King used to live here. Thats something that is different than visiting places in America is thinking about how old these places are and how Queens and Kings used to live there.  I first walked around the palace and looked into each of the rooms. I remember learning about Henry VIII in middle school history class so it was cool to see where he lived and how he lived his life. My friend Katie has been watching a show about Henry VIII and she was able to tell me all about  Henry and his wives. After exploring the palace we went into the gardens. This was probably my favorite part of the excursion because it was so pretty to see and to sit down, relax, and enjoy the weather. One thing that I didn’t like about Hampton Court is the smells. I don’t like how the palace smells musky. Walking into the “kitchen” and then seeing the fake foods and the way the old building smells grossed me out. But other than that I really enjoyed going to Hampton Court. I would enjoy going back after learning more about Henry VII and his wives.

St. Paul’s Cathedral 

On Monday in the morning we went to our first official field trip, which was at St. Paul’s Cathedral. I have never heard about this cathedral before going to it but once we got inside it was incredible and beautiful. I loved looking at all the incredible details on the building and all the art work on the wall. I have a fear of heights so walking up all those stairs especially the ones where you can see down to the ground was a little scary for me but in the end I am glad that I was able to face that fear and go all the way to top. Once at the top I was able to see London from a new perspective. The only thing  that I did not like about St. Paul’s was just the stairs and how you could see down, having a fear of heights like I said before that was not fun for me but it was part of the history of the cathedral so it was cool to walk up them.  When I walking up the stairs I thought to myself “I could not have been the person that build this because of these heights”. My favorite part of the day was going to the top though and seeing all the sights.

The National Gallery 

In the afternoon we went to The National Gallery, I loved The National Gallery and everything about Trafalgar Square (the atmosphere with all the street performers and just all the sights you can see while in the square). Going into The National Gallery we were able to see incredible works of art, I realized that my favorite artist is Claude Monet  because all of his works of art were such color and pretty. The thing that I did not like about this field trip was the speaker who did a really bad job and stayed on that one piece of art for like 15 before we decided to leave his tour and do our own thing. After leaving his group I enjoyed being able to see the art pieces that I wanted to see. I would like to go back before I leave London to see some of the pieces again.